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The Declaration of Government Spoken Office of Cambodia


Government spokesman office is pleased to justify on the announcement of Mr. Dona Rohrabacher, congressman of the 45th district of California, dated on Oct 02nd, 1998 that gave the false information aimed at disinformation and confuse the public view. The false information included as follows:

1. Mr. Dona Rohrabacher claimed that he has been supported and kudos by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States. That was a false information because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States through its embassy in Cambodia declared the statement on Oct, 08th 1998 denying the resolution # 533 made by Mr. Dona Rohrabacher.

2. On his announcement, Dona Rohrabacher used the words “the procedure of the legislation” which actually in that resolution # 533 was just a proposed idea of one of the members of house representatives. This announcement has no force of law and nonbinding on the legislation as declared by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States dated on Oct, 08th 1998.

3.  Mr. Dona Rohrabacher in his statement also claimed that the State Department Officials of the United States have praised him. That was the other false information controvert to the declaration of the U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated on Oct, 08th 1998.

Moreover, Mr. Dona Rohrabacher is just a congressman of the 45th district of California, not a senator as misinformed by some media. 

The government and the people of Cambodia always pay their attention to any words and performance of those U.S. house representatives and officials. With regarding to Mr. Dona Rohrabacher, we as Cambodian government believed that through his performance toward Cambodia, he must be losing his morality and reality as one of the people in such a powerful country. He has been lying and misinforming on Cambodian situation and stepping into internal affair of Cambodia, a country that has its own sovereignty and independence, because he has strongly supported the leader of the positioning party and those extremist supporters living along Cambodian and Thai border who always aim to recreate war in Cambodia. 

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
October 15, 1998

Source: Official Letter from
Government Spoken Office of Cambodia

Copyright 2004