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Red menace seen in strike

In regards to the hotel strikers in Cambodia: I wish it was not so but the strikers created their own problem. Now they are without a job and no income. My feeling is if they were not happy they should go some place else. No one is tying the workers to stay with a chain.

The strikers are creating problems which could affect the entire tourist industry. Do you think people want to visit Cambodia when labor strikes go on and labor leaders from foreign countries stick their unwelcome nose in Cambodian national affairs?

Actions from foreign labor unions like the AFL/CIO cause many unwelcome problems between Cambodia and the USA. The AFL/CIO and non-Cambodian labor organizations should keep out of Cambodia. Is the corruption within the UN and MIS management not enough? I see the big overall picture of what millions of tourists want to see.

Bring the tourists in and the hotel workers have more work. Scare the tourists away with labor strikes and Cambodia loses millions of dollars. These labor strikes add to the poverty in Cambodia. This unfortunately is put in motion by members of the Sam Rainsy Party and Funcinpec. They want to destroy the Cambodian economy to create weakness for the government. If the government becomes weak then the Alliance of Democrats might take control.

Hotel strikes will scare away hotel developers. This in turn will mean less construction jobs in Cambodia which adds to Cambodian poverty.

Less jobs in constructions means the workers buy less food products from the farmers and the trickle-down effect creates additional problems.

The interested readers should not forget the garment strikers that forced out of Cambodia over 40,000 jobs to Vietnam. The hotel workers should realize that Cambodia competes for tourists. Cambodian history repeats itself.

In addition to being involved with the Cambodian elections, should we not also believe that the International Republican Inst. with Dana Rohrabacher is also helping Sam Rainsy unionize the work force which as any intellectual understands is communist ideology?

Source: Phnom Penh Post, Issue 13/10, May 7 - 20, 2004

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